Our wonderful staff of coaches here at  CrossFit Germantown Performance are ready to help you begin your journey into Fitness. Our Program requires that you learn and properly execute new movements and lifts and that you understand different training philosophies.  At  CrossFit Germantown Performance, we are here to facilitate all of this for you SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY. We keep our class sizes manageable, so that we can give you our full undivided attention. 

We have 2 convenient options for you to begin and become integrated into our program and the CrossFit Germantown Performance Community:

Held Saturdays at 11am, this class is for those of you new to the Functional Fitness method and would like to see what it’s all about. No matter what your fitness level, we assure you that our Intro Class will cater to your needs and give you a glimpse of what our program can offer you. After you’ve attended the Intro Class we suggest that you enroll in our Fundamental classes. You know you’re curious so…3-2-1…let’s get started!!!
We require that anyone new attend this 6 Session Fundamental class. This provides the foundation you will need for success with the Program!

The purpose of our Fundamental Classes is to develop your understanding of our basic movements and philosophy. It is designed to prepare you to enter ongoing group classes (WODs). We emphasize technique to ensure your safety and SUCCESS as you enter the  CrossFit Germantown Performance group classes. We will introduce you to technique and mechanics first and then add intensity. At the end of each session you will go through a  workout, these workouts will get progressively more challenging as you move through the course.

Fitness is a journey! The coaches and members here at CrossFit Germantown Performance want to help you get to your desired destination. Just show up as you are, give an honest effort, and be willing to progress and get into the best shape of your life ONE DAY, ONE WOD, and ONE REP at a time.

All of us at CrossFit Germantown Performance will be here ready and willing to cheer YOU to the finish line.

3,2,1, GO!!!